Kitchener Ontario – Sam and Julia family

Monday 11th

Woke up 4am to take the VIA Rail from Kanata to Sam’s in Kitchener Ontario to visit for a few days. I haven’t been home since June 2016 so it will be nice to catch up. Awesome train trip, leaving 555am and arriving 1230pm connecting at Toronto Union with a short wait. After taxiing to Sam’s we dropped my golf clubs and suitcase and headed for lunch (Mexican burrito) then the library where we both worked on our laptops and sipped coffee. Met their roommate Kirsty and had a great vegan dinner then Sam Julia and I walked thru the snow to the Boathouse for open mic night. Saw Sam perform for the first time in several years… I’d never seen his hip hop live so it was exciting. Julia’s parents came also so was great to meet them. After we went to the parents’ house as they are putting me up for 2 nights. Met Julia’s brother Ivan and his wife Maria who are leaving soon to live in Sweden so we had a great night of talking and sipping liquor.

Tuesday 12th

Great sleep up late porridge breakfast with Nina and Maria. Made some phone calls to UAE to confirm that my friend Rolly the golf caddy was visiting my villa to take all my furniture and remaining things… luckily he had found it ok and done it all and he was very appreciative which is great.¬† So then I called my landlord and advised that I would not be renewing my lease that expires January 7. I mentioned that the unit was empty now, I had left the country already, and he was ok to inspect things and look for new tenant. So blessed that this went smooth and I could leave UAE without a mess. My friend Chris took my TV and promised to deliver it to my friend Bimala from Nepal who will treasure it and says she will even take it back to Nepal when she leaves.

Sam came around 130pm and we went for a long walk through the town and park chatting about his negotiations to buy an exciting business! Stopped at the post office to mail my villa keys (and remaining aed130) to my landlord surprised it only cost $2.50 and should take 12 days. Temperature is about -5C but sunny and fun to walk and get a runny nose for the first  time in years. Noticing things like trees and wooden fences that missed while in UAE.

Made arrangements with Ashley to stay with him tomorrow night and visit, then booked a hotel in North York for Thursday night so I can pick up my car there Friday morning. Blessed that I discovered 366,000 points on a UAE bank points card that I never knew about lol and can use for 5 or 6 hotel nights. Thanks God for that one!

Mike and Nina hosted a great dinner cooked by Sam and Julia, amazing vegan dishes, and nonstop great conversation, a really great family that Sam has found. He and Julia have been together 3 years now, they met thru hanging out with mutual friends, and are such a great match I don’t feel the need to give any fatherly advice to either.

Wednesday 13th

awesome breakfast of smoked salmon and healthy veggies etc from Mike and Nina, again great conversation and we exchanged compliments on meeting eachother and how much we liked eachother’s kids and happy at spending time to get to know eachother. Nina dropped Sam and I back at Sam’s where we will work for a few hours until I take the 330pm GO bus to Milton where Ashley will pick me up.

Sam helped me get my blog back up and running so no more facebook posts now! I’ve been saying to all that in April I will get off facebook so it will definitely happen. I need still to transfer the photos and stories from the past to this blog so 4 months should be enough time. So blessed just to be in Sam’s presence, see him working away and how their life together works. Told him how happy I am that he has made a great life and how great I think Julia is.

Amazingly, my sister Kanwal (from my Dad’s second marriage) made contact after years a few weeks ago, and as she lives in GTA we will likely have lunch together tomorrow! That will be amazing, God blesses me with so many great people in my life.

Now… to try to figure out how to transfer photos from my phone to this post…

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